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        1. Welcome: Zhongshan SANI transmission technology co., ltd.
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          How does a planetary gearbox motor work?

          There are many kinds of reduction gearboxes on the market. It will be difficult for those who are new to the reduction gearbox industry to recognize each type. It may be a long process of learning and stimulating knowledge. This article will show most of the main points of planetary gearboxes, which are the most common type of reduction gearboxes.

          Before we talk about the working principle of planetary gearbox, we should first have some basic knowledge about it. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a reduction gearbox usually consists of a set of gears, called a gearbox / gear head, and a motor used to change speed and torque. In other words, planetary gearbox refers to the motor with planetary gear / planetary gear head. If combined with DC motor, it is called DC planetary gearbox, in which 12VDC and 24V DC planetary gearbox are the general type. Therefore, we must understand the structure of planetary gearbox.

          Planetary gears usually consist of three parts: sun gear, planetary gear (or "satellite gear") and ring gear. The sun gear is usually in the center, and the planetary gears rotate around the sun gear and receive torque from it. For the ring gear, the outer ring gear (the lower housing) is meshed with the planetary gears. This is a picture of a micro planetary gearbox.

          DC Planetary gearbox

          How does the planetary gearbox work?

          When the sun gear is driven by an electric motor, the planetary gears begin to rotate because they mesh with the sun gear. At the same time, the planetary gear is meshed with the ring gear on the inner wall of the planetary gear head housing. Finally, under the action of the rotating driving force, the planetary gear will rotate in the same direction as the sun gear, forming a "rotating" movement around the sun gear.

          Usually, each planetary gearbox has multiple planetary gears (also known as "multi-stage"), which rotate around the central sun gear and transmit the output torque of the planetary gearbox under the joint action of the rotary driving force of the input shaft and the sun gear.

          It is not difficult to see that the input speed of the planetary gearbox motor (that is, the speed of the sun gear) is higher than the output speed, which is why it is usually called the planetary gearbox motor. The speed ratio between the motor and the output speed is called the reduction ratio of the planetary reducer, referred to as "gear ratio". It is usually indicated by the letter "I" in the product manual. It is determined by the number of teeth of the ring gear and sun gear. In general, planetary reducers with single reduction gears usually have a reduction ratio between 3 and 10. Planetary gearboxes with reduction ratios greater than 10 require two (or more) stages of planetary gear heads.

          Advantages of planetary gearbox

          High torque: the more teeth in contact, the more torque the mechanism can transmit and bear in a more uniform way.

          Durable and efficient. Bearings can reduce friction by connecting the shaft directly to the gearbox. It allows better rolling and smooth operation. Improved efficiency.

          Easy to install. Its mechanism is contained in a cylindrical gearbox and can be installed in almost any space.

          High precision: fixed rotation angle improves the accuracy and stability of rotation.

          Compact size. Due to the planetary structure of multiple gears meshing together and running around a sun gear, the planetary gearbox can be small and compact.

          Planetary gearbox motors are often used when your product needs to be equipped with motors that need to reduce speed and increase torque in a limited space. For specific applications, you can refer to these cases. However, the parameters need to be customized in actual use, such as diameter, voltage, input speed, torque, etc. If you need to customize the reduction gearbox, Sani transmission is a good choice. He has rich experience in providing a variety of micro planetary transmission systems.

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