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        1. Welcome: Zhongshan SANI transmission technology co., ltd.
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          What is the difference between a POM and a nylon gear?

          What is the difference between POM and nylon gear? First, the wear resistance of POM gear and nylon gear is relatively high, but the cost of nylon gear is relatively high for POM gear. Today we will come to know their differences.

          POM Gears

          Let's first learn what POM and nylon (nylon) are we going to know first?


          It is polyformaldehyde, its academic name is polyoxypolyformaldehyde, also known as terling, mainly made from different raw materials such as formaldehyde. POM is a kind of engineering plastics with high crystallinity and high density. It has good chemical and mechanical properties, especially strong friction resistance. At -40-100 ° C temperature range can be used for a long time, compared with most engineering plastics, whether self-lubricating or wear-resistant aspects are much stronger.

          The gears made of POM mainly have these characteristics:

          • High mechanical strength and rigidity;
          • - maximum fatigue strength;
          • Environmental resistance and good resistance to organic solvents;
          • Strong resistance to repeated impact;
          • Wide range of temperature used (-40 ℃ ~120 ℃);
          • Good electrical properties;
          • Good resilience;
          • It has good self lubrication and wear resistance;
          • ·excellent dimensional stability.

          Nylon (PA):

          It is a synthetic synthetic fiber, also known as polyamide fiber or nylon. From the chemical point of view, nylon is a kind of condensation polymer, and its component is connected by amide. Therefore, nylon is also a kind of polyamide. Nylon is a kind of completely artificial fiber. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry, and is widely used as a substitute for metal, wood and other traditional materials as various structural materials. As a variety of structural materials, the main raw materials are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and then two basic chemicals, adipate and hexanediamine, are synthesized. They are mixed together to form nylon. Nylon in nylon is mainly nylon 6 and nylon 66, which is the dominant position. Its name is derived from the six carbon atoms contained in diamine and adipic acid.

          The gears made of nylon gear materials mainly have these characteristics:

          • Good comprehensive performance
          • Good mechanical properties
          • Excellent heat resistance
          • Strong wear resistance
          • chemical resistance and self lubrication,
          • Low friction coefficient and certain flame resistance
          • Easy to process, suitable for filling with glass fiber and other fillers to improve performance and expand application range.

          In addition to the customized production of gears, we also provide customers with micro transmission solutions from R & D, production to assembly

          CONTACT US

          Contact: Jack He

          Phone: +86(0)18088846213(微信同號)

          Tel: +86-0760-88898029

          Email: jackhe_sani@163.com

          Add: BuildingA 125 WeiMin Road,DongSheng Town,ZhongShan city,GuangDong Province,China

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