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        1. Welcome: Zhongshan SANI transmission technology co., ltd.
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          What is a small module gear?

          "Module" refers to the pitch T and the circumference ratio between the two adjacent gear profiles on the same side π (M = t)/ π), In millimeters. Module is the most basic parameter of module system. The larger the modulus is, the higher and thicker the tooth is. If the number of teeth is fixed, the radial dimension of the wheel is also larger. Modular series standards are formulated according to the requirements of design, manufacture and inspection. For the gear with non straight teeth, the modulus has the difference of normal modulus Mn, end face modulus MS and axial modulus MX. They are all based on the ratio of their respective pitch (normal pitch, end face pitch and axial pitch) to the circumference, and they are also in mm. For bevel gears, the modulus can be divided into big end modulus me, average modulus mm and small end modulus M1. For the tool, there is corresponding tool modulus Mo, etc. Standard modulus is widely used. In metric gear drive, worm drive, synchronous toothed belt drive and ratchet, gear coupling, spline and other parts, standard modulus is a basic parameter. It plays the role of basic parameters in the design, manufacture and maintenance of the above parts (see cylindrical gear drive, worm drive, etc.).

          Small module gear refers to the gear whose module is less than or equal to 1 mm. Small module gear is widely used in aviation machinery, electronic products, precision machinery, instruments and timing mechanism. The basic principle of the processing method of small module gear is the same as that of large and medium module gear.

          Calculation formula of standard spur gear:

          Addendum circle diameter = module * (number of teeth + 2)

          Diameter of dividing circle = module * number of teethHelical gear calculation method:

          Addendum circle diameter = (module * number of teeth) / cos β+ 2 * module

          Classification of small module gear transmission:

          According to the meshing principle of small module gear, it can be divided into three parts

          Involute gear transmission, including timing instrument involute gear transmission. Cycloid gear transmission, including all kinds of modified cycloid gear transmission.

          Zhongshan Saili transmission technology is a micro transmission enterprise specializing in the processing and production of plastic small module gears, which can customize gears with various parameters according to customer requirements.

          CONTACT US

          Contact: Jack He

          Phone: +86(0)18088846213(微信同號)

          Tel: +86-0760-88898029

          Email: jackhe_sani@163.com

          Add: BuildingA 125 WeiMin Road,DongSheng Town,ZhongShan city,GuangDong Province,China

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