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        1. Welcome: Zhongshan SANI transmission technology co., ltd.
          Language: Chinese ∷  English


          • planetary gears
          • planetary gears
          planetary gearsplanetary gears

          planetary gears

          • No:ZSSLPOM-003001
          • Material:POM/nylon
          • Number of teeth: custom
          • Modulus (mm): <1mm/custom
          • Product description: Zhongshan sani transmission is committed to the development and production of miniature gear, planetary gear, bevel gear, helical gear, gear box, plastic parts, precision transmission parts.E-mail:jac
          • INQUIRY

          Name:Planetary gears

          Material: MC nylon, polymer polyethylene, POM can be customized

          Accuracy: to be required

          Number of teeth: custom

          Modulus (mm): custom

          Various specifications of gear can be customized, welcome to contact us

          Standard spur gear calculation formula:

          Top circle diameter = modulus * (number of teeth +2)

          Indexing circle diameter = module * number of teeth

          Calculation method of helical gear:

          Tooth tip circle diameter = (modulus * number of teeth)/COS β+2* modulus

          The main products of plastic gear are:planetary gear, small module gear, a single layer, single flat teeth, straight gear, gear clutch, double teeth gear, duplex gear, plastic straight tooth, plastic worm, plastic gear box, nylon gear, plastic lock gear, antenna transmission gears, gear box, plastic toys plastic toys accessories standard roller, plastic gear in guangdong, dongguan plastic gear, pulley, gear grinding,Toy gear processing, roller pulley, plastic gear, plastic worm, non-standard motor gear, spur gear motor, toys, non-standard gear, four drive gear, standard gear toys, toy standard gear, toys quieter gear, gear plastic toys, model aircraft steering gear, model aircraft gear, clutch gear, gear locks, toys, gear box, fax machine gear, copy machine gear,Lighting gear, lamp gear, plastic toy gear, silencing gear, toy gear, toy plastic gear, plastic crown tooth, plastic helical gear, gear rack and pinion, etc.

          Products are usually applied to: auto, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart locks, lighting, household electrical appliances, air conditioning, gearbox, server (steering), timer, shredders, copy machine, robot, cameras, precision instrument, communication equipment, electric curtains, attendance machines, vending machines, paper, model aircraft, toys, sanitary ware, personal care products, health care and other transmission equipment;We sincerely hope that we can cooperate with new and old customers hand in hand, a total of great achievements!

          CONTACT US

          Contact: Jack He

          Phone: +86(0)18088846213(微信同號)

          Tel: +86-0760-88898029

          Email: jackhe_sani@163.com

          Add: BuildingA 125 WeiMin Road,DongSheng Town,ZhongShan city,GuangDong Province,China

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